Bali Culture & Tradition

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Bali Culture & Tradition
Balinese culture has its own characteristics, both of meaning and purpose also in terms of form celebration. The elements of art and teachings of Hinduism become the basis of every culture in Bali. On this page, whoisbali.com will share information with you to get to know more about the culture in Bali, all of which we summarize on the Bali culture and Tradition page.
Merarapan Tri Hita Karana

Merarapan: Reflection of Good Relations between Man and God

Balinese people know the term Merarapan which is usually intended as a thanksgiving to God and the ancestors of salvation, fortune, or success that has been obtained.

28 Jun 2018
Balinese masks - whoisbali.com

Balinese Masks: Preserve Balinese Culture through Performing Arts

Balinese Mask Dance is a dance in which dancers use a 'Tapel' with a certain character. Dance is performed usually associated with Balinese culture or Hindu culture that story is taken from the chronicle (Babad) and legends that exist in Bali.

6 Jun 2018
The tradition of making satay in Bali

Nyate: The tradition of making satay in Bali

Nyate can be regarded as one of the traditions or of Balinese society when welcoming Hindu festivals or in certain events. Because the tradition of Nyate is passed down from generation to generation (Balinese culture).

2 Jun 2018