Merarapan: Reflection of Good Relations between Man and God

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Publish: 28 Jun 2018, Edited: 11 Jul 2018
Merarapan Tri Hita Karana
Balinese people know the term "Merarapan" which is usually intended as a thanksgiving to God and the ancestors of salvation, fortune, or success that has been obtained. Besides that, "Merarapan" is also often done when about to do something, usually done by the merchant before selling his wares.

"Merarapan" has the meaning of giving "Rarapan". This "hope" can be equated with souvenirs. In Bali souvenir is not only addressed to fellow human beings but also to God and the ancestors. "Rarapan" is usually made with a simple, wherein this offering contains snacks, candies, or fruits that are then presented in holy places owned. Not infrequently "Rarapan" made by putting a snack on a leaf, very simple but meaningful.

"Merarapan" is generally done when it comes from traveling, with the intention of saying thank you and gratitude for being given salvation or success. In addition, "Merarapan" is also often done when going to travel, in this case, aims to beg the blessing that everything done can run smoothly.

If we look at the use of "Rarapan" in the daily life of the Balinese, this reflects the harmonious relationship between man and God. This relationship was created for the purpose of achieving happiness, just as it has been mentioned in the Hindu philosophy of Tri Hita Karana.

Tri Hita Karana is defined as the three causes of happiness, whose application is done into human relationships with God, human beings with fellow human beings, and humans with the environment or nature. These three relationships if maintained properly will create harmony so that happiness will be felt in human beings.

The concept of Tri Hita Karana is then poured in a ritual like "Merarapan". This ritual is very simple but can create a good relationship between man and God. By maintaining this good relationship, man will always feel close to God and everything will be done on the basis of goodness or Dharma. Balinese people, especially Hindus, believe everything that is done by man by God's will and is influenced by karma as the result of the deed done.

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