Belong hill Gunaksa, Beautiful Hill in the Countryside of Klungkung

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Publish: 14 Jul 2018
belong hill bali

Klungkung is one of the regencies in Bali which is famous for its woven or Balinese people known as "Endek Klungkung". In addition, Klungkung district also has a variety of tourist destinations such as Goa Lawah Temple, Tukad Unda (Unda River), and Kerta Gosa.

In addition to some of the above destinations that are well known among tourists, there is a new tourist destination called Bukit Belong. Belong hill is located in Gunaksa village, where Gunaksa village is located in Dawan district, Klungkung regency - Bali. To make it easier to reach the location of Bukit Belong, whoisbali.com has embedded google map at the end of the article.

Belong hill is one of the hills on the side of the city of Klungkung, precisely located in the surrounding countryside Gunaksa. Beautiful rural landscape and green farming areas are one of the attractions of this destination. If you go to the top of Bukit Belong, then you will see the stretch of grass that spreads wide. Very beautiful and fascinating to make the trip unforgettable.

In addition to grass reeds that dominates this destination, there are some trees that you can use to take shelter from the sun. Enjoying the natural beauty under the trees with the cool air will certainly make you feel comfortable in this place.

From the top of the hill Belong Gunaksa you can see the beautiful rice fields and arranged neatly. Some of the settlements in Gunaksa village can also be seen from here. The sea is vast and blue, when seen from a distance like one with the sky. It is beautiful and soothing.

Things to do in Belong hill

If you want to visit Belong Hill, there are some things you can do in this place. Some of these are:

  1. Enjoy the rustic atmosphere and at the same time enjoy the scenic beauty of the green farmland. You can also see activities carried out by people in Gunaksa village from Belong hill. Although not very clear because you see it from a distance, but from here you can feel how beautiful rural life in Bali.

  2. Belong hill can also be used as a fun trekking place with the distance is not too far and not difficult to pass. The grass reeds covering the hills and the view of the rice fields that are under the hill, will make your trekking activities more enjoyable.

  3. You can also make Belong Hill as a place to relax with your family while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery. You can sit back and relax under the trees to make the atmosphere more relaxed. A cool breeze will make you more comfortable here.

  4. If you want to do prewedding photo sessions, you can also make Belong Hill a place to immortalize your happiness. Large hill areas can be used as photo spots for prewedding photo sessions.

Best visiting time from whoisbali.com version

If you want to visit Belong Hill, whoisbali.com has reviews on the best time to visit Belong hill. Here are our reviews on the best time to visit Belong hill at Gunaksa.

We recommend a visit to the Belong hill done in the dry season or when the weather is sunny. If the weather is sunny then you can see clearly the scenery around the Belong hill.

During the rainy season most of the road to the top of the hill will be muddy and difficult to pass. In addition, at the top of the Belong hill there are no facilities that can be used as a shelter when it rains. There are only trees that are not too shady that you can use to take shelter when it rains. With some of these things, whoisbali.com does not advise you to visit when the weather is overcast or when it rains.

We recommend that visits are made in the morning or late afternoon. The first reason we can give is that the air is not too hot. If you visit in the afternoon, you can also see the sunset from the top of the Belong hill while relaxing under the trees and stretch of grass reeds.

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