Big Garden Corner: Art Gallery and Family Attractions in Sanur Bali

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Publish: 19 Sep 2018
big garden corner bali

Did you know that the Big Garden Corner Bali tourist destination is an art gallery where you can buy all the items displayed in the Big Garden Corner area? Although in the form of an art gallery, Big Garden Corner Bali is perfect for being a tourist destination for those of you who like photography and tourist destinations for families.

The first impression we get when visiting Big Garden Corner Bali is the existence of many statues with Hindu and Buddhist architecture. Flower plants and various neatly arranged trees make this place look like a garden filled with statues. Many places can be used as a place to relax and enjoy the beautiful natural atmosphere of Sanur.

Located adjacent to Sanur beach and adjacent to the main road that has heavy traffic, it does not make the atmosphere at Big Garden Corner Bali full of noise. Managers are quite creative in noise management in tourist areas, namely by installing a sound system at several points adjacent to the highway. Managers reduce noise from vehicles by playing soothing traditional music. Not too hard, but effective enough to make you feel comfortable.

If you want to visit and want to feel the comfortable atmosphere we have felt when visiting Big Garden Corner Bali, we have pinned the Google Map at the end of the article to make it easier for you to reach the Big Garden Corner Bali.

Provisions For Visitors Big Garden Corner

Every tourist destination certainly has special provisions for every visitor, as well as visitors from Big Garden Corner Bali. Inside the tourist area, there are several green information boards, where the board contains appeals and information for every visitor from Big Garden Corner Bali. The provisions are as follows:

  1. For visitors who invite children, it is recommended to supervise. This is because all items on display are not items that are permanently placed or items displayed are items that can be unloaded and reassembled.
  2. Each visitor is forbidden to lean on relief (stone carving).
  3. Every visitor is prohibited from riding on the statue.
  4. Everything that is undesirable occurs on the basis of the negligence of visitors is not the responsibility of the manager of the Big Garden Corner.
  5. All displayed items including sculptures, carvings, trees, plants, grass, bean bags, lights, and furniture are for sale.

In addition to the above provisions, each visitor will be charged an entrance ticket and we hope to maintain cleanliness.

Facilities & Things You Can Do

The facilities provided by Big Garden Corner are quite complete, ranging from large parking areas, availability of restaurants, places to relax, and also toilets in several places. Here are some things you can do at the Big Garden Corner from the version of whoisbali.com.

  1. Can be used as a cool family holiday, especially with the children. This is because there are many funny and unique statues that can be used as photo objects and play for children. Of course, this must remain under the supervision of parents.

  2. Can be used as a place to enjoy works of art with Hindu-Buddhist architecture or other works of art. Aside from being a place of recreation, Big Garden Corner Bali is also an art gallery where you can buy all the items on display.

  3. A recreation place for young people who like photography with a background of reliefs and sculptures.

Best Visit Time

For those of you who want to visit the Big Garden Corner Bali, whoisbali.com has the best visiting recommendations in the morning or in the afternoon, especially in the summer. You can adjust the time of your visit with the opening hours of the Big Garden Corner, which is from 9 am to 9 pm every day.


Big Garden Corner is one of the best places for those of you who want to vacation to a tourist spot with your family, friends, or partner. Every corner of the Big Garden Corner can be used as an attractive photo spot because this destination is an art gallery with a variety of beautiful artwork. If you are curious about our trip to the Big Garden Corner, we have embedded the video at the end of the article.

Thus the article about the Big Garden Corner, hopefully, can provide a reference for tourist destinations for you and your family. Find out more destinations in Bali only at whoisbali.com.

Big Garden Corner: Art Gallery and Family Attractions in Sanur Bali

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