Dam Tukad Unda Klungkung, Interesting Places for Photography Lovers

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Publish: 15 Jul 2018
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Tukad Unda or river Unda is one of the largest river in Klungkung regency. Unlike the urban rivers, Tukad Unda has clear and clean water flow. Until now, local people along Tukad Unda still use this river as one place to bathe and wash clothes. In addition, the river is also often used as a fishing spot and a place to look for sand.

In the Tukad Unda stream built several dams with multilevel shapes. One of the dams that exist in Tukad Unda currently used as one of the tourist attractions in Klungkung. The name of this dam is "Dam Tukad Yeh Unda Klungkung".

The location of Tukad Unda tourist attractions is very easy for you to accomplish, this is because this destination is near the bridge between Jl. Diponegoro and Jl. Semarapura Kangin-Kusa Klungkung. Whoisbali.com has embedded google map at the end of the article to make it easier for you to visit Tukad Unda tourist destination.

Tukad Unda is now becoming known as one of the unique and very interesting places for photography lovers. Lately a lot of local and foreign tourists who use Tukad Unda as one spot for prewedding photo session. This is because of the interesting effects caused by the flow of waterfalls created by Tukad Unda dam. The flow from this waterfall resembles a beautiful water curtain with water falling evenly.

If the water discharge is not too big and also not too small, Tukad Unda waterfall is very good for use as a place of photo session. The shape of the terraced dam and has a flat surface creates an interesting waterfall to behold. Although this waterfall is an artificial waterfall, but the attraction created is very unique and interesting. With creativity and certain photography techniques, you will get amazing photos in this place.

But the results of an interesting photo can not only be made by professional photographers only. Only with the ability of potluck and by using your personal smartphone device, it is enough to get interesting photos.

Tips and Time of the best visit from whoisbali.com version

If you visit the Tukad Unda waterfall area, try to use shorts. The goal is that the clothes you use are not wet while in the river. But if you come here for the sake of photography, you can customize the clothes according to the theme of the photo you will make.

If the rainy season, whoisbali.com does not recommend you to do any activities in the river. This is because the flow of water from the Tukad Unda will rapidly turn out to be much larger than before. To ensure your security, please coordinate to the tour manager before entering the river. To ensure your security, please coordinate to the managers of the destination before entering the river. And the most important is to obey all rules issued by the manager or related parties to avoid the occurrence of undesirable things.

Tourist attractions are close to Dam Tukad Unda tourist Destination

Near the Dam Tukad Unda destination there are several tourist destinations you can visit. The tourist destinations close to Dam Tukad Unda are:

  1. Puputan Klungkung Monument, a monument to Klungkung people's struggle to commemorate the heroes of the Klungkung kingdom while fighting against the Dutch colonists.
  2. Bukit Belong, a tourist destination with beautiful natural scenery.
  3. Goa Lawah Temple, one of the most important temples in Bali that has a bat cave in the main area of the temple.
  4. Kertha Gosa, destinations in the form of the rest of the Klungkung royal building with Balinese architecture.

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