Kintamani Pine Forest: This is the Protected Forest in Bali that You Worth to Visit

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Publish: 17 Jun 2018, Edited: 05 Jul 2018
Kintamani Pine Forest
Actually, Kintamani has many pine forests scattered on the slopes of Mount Batur and in some other places such as pine forest in the village of Manikliyu. In addition to pine forests in the village of Manikliyu, there are other pine forests on the road to the Catur village. This pine forest is often called the "Kintamani Pine Forest". To make it easier for you to reach the Kintamani pine forest, whoisbali.com has embedded the google map at the end of the article.

Things to do in Kintamani Pine Forest

Kintamani pine forests recently visited by many local people, especially during the holidays. Many young people visit here to enjoy the natural beauty of the Kintamani pine forest. In addition, Kintamani pine forests are also frequently visited for the benefit of prewedding photo sessions. Beautiful pine forest background and a path in the middle of a pine forest becomes an attraction for those who love nature and photography.

Access and Facilities

To go to the location of Kintamani Pine Forest, you can go through several routes:

  1. Bangli – Kintamani
  2. Payangan – Kintamani
  3. Badung – Kintamani

For the route from Bangli - Kintamani and Payangan - Kintamani, you will pass Penulisan Temple. After passing Penulisan Temple and the road has begun to decline, you will find a T-junction containing a statue of freedom fighters. At the fork, you turn left into the street to the Catur village. From the T-junction, continue the journey of approximately 200 meters, then you will arrive at Kintamani Pine Forest (marked by a small road on your right). Pine Forest Kintamani position right on the small road.

If you along the route Badung - Kintamani by passing the Bridge Tukad Bangkung, then do the journey across the Catur street. Continue the journey until you encounter an uphill street with a winding street that enters the forest in Kintamani. If you are already at the T-junction with a statue of freedom fighter, this means a street to the Kintamani Pine Forest you have passed.

Overall, access to the Kintamani Pine Forest is very adequate and very easy to find. You can take advantage of the pin of the google map we embed at the end of the article to help you find the location of the Kintamani Pine Forest.

For facilities, like other forests in Kintamani, there is no special management for forests that are glimpsed as tourist attractions. No special facilities are provided for the benefit of tourism around this pine forest. The Kintamani pine forest is free to visit by anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of this forest at no charge. Unfortunately not infrequently the nosy hands of visitors to damage the naturalness of this forest. Visible some paint streaks are in the pine trees.

Tips and Best Visiting Time

As is known together, road conditions in Kintamani often foggy to pass, especially when the rainy season and the afternoon. Whoisbali.com suggest that you remain cautious during a trip to Kintamani pine forests, especially when passing through the street near the forest. The fog may block your visibility, please turn on the vehicle lights and reduce the speed of your vehicle.

If the rainy season, whoisbali.com does not recommend to visit the Kintamani Pine Forest. This is because there are no special facilities intended for tourists who visit the forest of Kintamani Pine, especially during the rainy season. But you can take shelter in a warung (shops) that is around the T-junction near the statue of the fighter while enjoying a typical coffee Kintamani. In addition to that along the road to the Pine Forest is also prone to landslides.

The best time to visit Kintamani pine forest according to whoisbali.com version is from 9 am until about 5 pm. Since you are visiting a forest location, you need enough sunlight to add a wonderful impression to you.

Whoisbali.com is very hopeful to every visitor of Kintamani Pine Forest to always keep clean and do not do things that can damage the naturalness of the forest. Please enjoy the natural beauty as much as you want, but remember to keep it well so that later when you visit back to the same place, you can still enjoy the beauty as the first time to the destination.
Kintamani Pine Forest: This is the Protected Forest in Bali that You Worth to Visit

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