Sukawana Sunrise Spot: Alternative Seeing the Beautiful Sunrise in Kintamani

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Publish: 08 Jan 2019
Sukawana Sunrise Spot

Sukawana Sunrise Spot is a newly developed tourist destination, where this destination is adjacent to the Bukit Cinta Pinggan. You can use this destination as an alternative place to camp in the Pinggan village. The facilities offered by Sukawana Sunrise Spot are quite complete, starting from toilets, camping places, photo spots, and stalls to buy food or drinks.

The scenery that you can see here almost resembles the view from the Bukit Cinta in the Pinggan village. To support the visitor's experience in seeing the sunrise from Sukawana Sunrise Spot, the manager has provided a high enough photo spot so that you can clearly see the beautiful sunrise with the silhouette of Mount Batur. We have pinned a short video of our trip to Sukawana Sunrise Spot which you can see at the end of the article.

Things to do at Sukawana Sunrise Spot

The main thing you can do at Sukawana Sunrise Spot is to see the sunrise with the silhouette of Mount Batur. For amazing photo results, you can take photos in the place provided by the manager.

If you love camping activities, this place can be an alternative camping place in the Pinggan village. This is because this place already has complete facilities and the scenery here is not much different from the scenery in the Bukit Cinta Pinggan.

For those of you who want to do a pre-wedding photo session, you can also use this place as a place to capture the most beautiful moments of you and your partner. Mount Batur backgrounds and beautiful sunrise will make your photos more memorable and elegant. If you like photography, you can also visit this destination to take pictures of beautiful landscapes.

You can also do a vacation with family here. Enjoying the cool air of Kintamani while going around the orange garden accompanied by a warm sunrise will add fun impression for your family vacation. The facilities provided by the manager are already very adequate for your family vacation.

Access and facilities

Access to Sukawana Sunrise Spot is quite good, but you need to be careful because the road is quite steep and winding. In addition, the road is also often passed by trucks that want to go to sand mining. A thick fog you might encounter and can interfere with your vision. To make it easier for you to reach this destination, we have pinned a Google Maps pin to go to Sukawana Sunrise Spot at the end of the article.

The facilities that you can enjoy at Sukawana Sunrise Spot are as follows:

  1. Parking area.
  2. Toilet.
  3. Camping area.
  4. Spot photos.
  5. Stalls to buy food and drinks.
  6. Orange garden.

Best Visiting Hours

If you want to see the sunrise and the beauty of the Pinggan village, we suggest you come in the morning around 5 am. We prefer that you come in the dry season so that the fog isn't too thick and you can see the sun rising more clearly.

Interested in Sukawana Sunrise Spot? Next, we attach a short video that you can watch before visiting directly to Sukawana Sunrise Spot.

Sukawana Sunrise Spot: Alternative Seeing the Beautiful Sunrise in Kintamani

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