Tukad Bangkung Bridge: The Longest and Highest Bridge Located in Badung Bali

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Publish: 19 Jun 2018, Edited: 28 Jun 2018
Tukad Bangkung Bridge Bali
Tukad Bangkung Bridge is one of the bridges located in Badung regency of Bali. This bridge connects three districts in Bali namely Badung, Bangli, and Buleleng regencies. Tukad Bangkung Bridge (Plaga) is not only known as one of the access to speed from one district to another but over time this bridge is known as one of the tourist attractions in Bali.

This is supported by the Badung district government program which makes the area around Tukad Bangkung Bridge as the place of Badung Culture and Agriculture festival. With this festival will significantly increase the visit to this Tukad Bangkung bridge area. In addition, cultural festivals and agriculture organized Badung regency as well as to introduce the Balinese culture, especially in Badung regency and local agricultural products.

Access and Facilities

Access to the bridge Tukad Bangkung Bali is very adequate. To make it easier for you to go to Tukad Bangkung bridge, you can take advantage of google map that we have embedded at the end of this article.

When you will enter the bridge, there will be traffic signs that signal you not to stop along the Tukad Bangkung bridge. If you want to see the view from the Tukad Bangkung bridge, you can park your car in the parking area before entering the bridge. After getting the right parking, then you can walk on the sidewalk that is on the Tukad Bangkung bridge.

Whoisbali.com advises you not to walk on the highway so that traffic from vehicles passing Tukad Bangkung bridge is not hampered. You can take advantage of the sidewalk on the right and left of the highway to get to the spot you want.

Around the bridge, there are several kiosks, minimarkets, and restaurants that you can visit. In addition, along with the sidewalk that is on the Tukad Bangkung bridge there are some local merchants who carry merchandise, you can also shop there.

Whoisbali.com recommends keeping the cleanliness and all the facilities provided along the Tukad Bangkung bridge. This aims to make the beauty of the bridge can be maintained and we can enjoy together.

Things to do in Tukad Bangkung Bridge

From the height that is owned by Tukad Bangkung bridge and supported by the natural beauty of the village of Plaga, making this destination as one of the good places to enjoy the natural beauty of Bali from the high altitude. You can take photos or just relax viewing from the top of the bridge.

If you look down the bridge, there is a stream of rivers and trees that thrive. The air here is very cool almost like the air in Kintamani. Along the way to the bridge Tukad Bangkung Bali, much beautiful scenery that you can enjoy. Plenty of farmland such as rice fields stretching beautifully along your journey.

Tourist attractions are close to the Tukad Bangkung bridge

Because this bridge connects three districts in Bali, of course, there are several other attractions close to Tukad Bangkung bridge, among others:

  1. Sangeh tourism object (Monkey Forest in Sangeh village, Badung Bali),
  2. Nungnung Waterfall, Plaga Bali,
  3. Kintamani Pine Forest (Protected Forest in Kintamani Bali),
  4. Pinggan Village - Kintamani (place to see the sunrise and place of prewedding photo session),
  5. Penelokan Village (the best place to see the beauty of Mount Batur and Lake Batur).

To illustrate the existence of Tukad Bangkung bridge, whoisbali.com has a travel video that we took when passing this bridge. You can check out our travel video to the Tukad Bangkung bridge on the video below.
Tukad Bangkung Bridge: The Longest and Highest Bridge Located in Badung Bali

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