Ubud monkey forest: The Best Monkey Forest in Bali

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Publish: 31 Dec 2018
ubud monkey forest

Bali has several tourist destinations that offer monkey forest that you can visit with family. If you like Ubud or you are in the Ubud area, then you can visit Ubud monkey forest. Besides Ubud monkey forest, you can also visit Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest or Sangeh Monkey Forest.

The cool atmosphere with shady trees is the first impression you can feel when entering the Ubud monkey forest area. From the highway, you can see the huge trees and imagine how beautiful this monkey forest is. You can also find some monkeys sitting on the edge of the highway. We are sure that you will be very enthusiastic to see and surround the entire Ubud monkey forest area as soon as possible.

Complete facilities with spacious parking

Ubud monkey forest has a very large parking lot, so you don't have to worry about parking your vehicle. In addition, the manager also complements the parking area with an automatic parking system to increase the comfort and safety of your vehicle.

In the parking area, you can see some security officers walking around and directing you to get the appropriate parking. CCTV cameras also appear to be installed in several corners, so the security of your vehicle is very well maintained. However, we recommend that you keep on prioritizing security by not leaving your vehicle keys or valuables that can invite undesirable things.

From the parking area, you will be directed to the ticket counter for ticket purchases and deposit box. For your safety and comfort, you can deposit your bag and luggage hereYou can also find toilets in several corners of the Ubud monkey forest area. If you want to buy souvenirs, you can also find a souvenir shop in the Ubud monkey forest area.

Dark hallway, opening the awesome adventure in Ubud monkey forest

After getting the entrance ticket, you can follow the road to the wooden bridge on your right. Around the bridge, you will find a fish pond with several fairly large statues. You can also see the green expanse of rice fields from this bridge.

Before entering further into the forest, you will find a unique hallway. Make sure you bring the entrance ticket that you have purchased, because here your ticket will be checked and given a sign.

You can easily recognize officers from the color of the clothes they wear. The official manager of Ubud monkey forest announced that officers from Ubud monkey forest were wearing green clothes. Usually the officers inside the Ubud monkey forest area wear traditional Balinese clothes, so you will find it easier to identify the officer.

After checking the ticket, you can walk to a unique hallway with Balinese architecture. There are carvings on the wall of the road before entering the hallway, this carving tells the life of monkeys in this forest. When entering the hallway, this hallway looks quite dark, only contains a few small lamp to light the road. We don't know exactly why this hallway was made dark, which we felt was like a door to a mystery before seeing the beauty of the Ubud monkey forest.

Some important things that need to be considered by visitors

Ubud monkey forest has been equipped with several instruction boards or information boards intended for visitors. Every information that is available, most of it has been included with images to make it easier for you to understand the intent of the instructions delivered.

For initial information, we give a little description of some of the things you need to consider while in the Ubud Monkey Forest area and when interacting with monkeys. Next, list some things that you need to pay attention to.

  1. Always pay attention to your luggage and do not carry luggage that can attract attention from the monkey. If you carry items with plastic or paper bags, you can deposit them on deposit box at the ticket counter.
  2. Do not throw garbage in the forest area (especially plastic waste).
  3. When interacting with monkeys, make sure you don't see the monkey's eyes because this can make the monkey angry and attack you.
  4. Don't touch monkeys, especially baby monkeys, this can make the mother monkey angry and attack you.
  5. Don't panic when the monkey jumps towards you, you can drop food to make the monkey move away.
  6. Don't shout, because this can make the monkey feel scared.
  7. When you give food to a monkey, don't try to pull it back, this can make the monkey feel angry and attack you.
  8. Make sure you don't provide food such as nuts, biscuits, bread or other snacks to maintain the health of monkeys.

Things you can do in Ubud Monkey Forest

You might think that going to Ubud monkey forest is only to see a forest containing monkeys and interact with monkeys. Not only seeing monkeys, but there are other interesting things that you can enjoy and get here.

With an area of approximately 12 hectares, Ubud Monkey Forest is decorated with shady old trees and elements of Balinese culture that are very beautiful. You can find several temples and Balinese architecture here. In addition, there is a mapeed tradition that you can find here. This mapeed tradition is a tradition in which women in traditional Balinese clothing walk while carrying offerings on their heads. On certain days, you can also see Barong dance performances here.

More interesting for you, the concept of Hinduism namely Tri Hita Karana is very visible here. Where this concept teaches three ways to achieve happiness by maintaining good relations. From this concept, local people maintain and develop this area as a place to maintain good relations between humans and God, humans and fellow humans, and humans with nature.

Intrigued by the beauty of Ubud monkey forest? Here is a short video of our trip when visiting Ubud Monkey Forest.

Ubud monkey forest: The Best Monkey Forest in Bali

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