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16 Jul 2018
cecimpedan bali

Cecimpedan: The original Balinese Puzzle that Began to be Forgotten

The Balinese have a game called "Cecimpedan". This game Cecimpedan is very interesting to play by children, because it is a joke puzzle related to nature.

11 Jul 2018
Biopori dan Bali Ecotourism

Biopori and Ecotourism: Solutions For Maintaining Water Resources and Tourism Objects in Bali

Biopore and Ecotourism is one solution that can be used in overcoming environmental problems such as decreasing the intensity of groundwater and waste problems in the tourism environment of Bali.

4 Jul 2018
Tat Twam Asi

Tat Twam Asi: Hindu Philosophy to Achieve Harmony between Humans and Nature

In the philosophy of "Tat Twam Asi" taught in Hinduism, it teaches how to appreciate God's creation by imagining all of God's creation just like you. Tat Twam Asi in Hindu view has to mean "That is you".

1 Jul 2018