Privacy Policy

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Publish: 01 May 2018, Edited: 02 Jun 2018
As a form of information regarding the retrieval of information from users, we as managers of the whoisbali.com website publish this privacy policy to notify the recording of user activity.

Any visitor or user of the site visiting the whoisbali.com site is in compliance with the privacy policy we published. The recording of user activities that we do will be detailed in the following sub-sections:

Recording User Activity

The whoisbali.com site does not collect user activity collectively in our database but applies tools to record third-party user activity such as Google Analytics and Google Adsense.

  • Google Analytic, recording user activity with Google Analytics aims to monitor all user activities by focusing on monitoring site traffic. The results of this recording we use to monitor how useful articles we published.

  • Google Adsense, in the process of serving ads on the whoisbali.com site, Google uses cookies to record user activity in order to show ads relevant to user visits to whoisbali.com sites and/or to other sites connected on the internet. If you want to customize ad serving in your Google account then you can visit Google Ads Settings or visit Google Privacy & Term for more information related to the use of cookies from Google Ads.

Ad Serving

The whoisbali.com website is currently serving ads from third-party vendors and ad networks namely Google Adsense. In the process of serving ads, Google will record user activity using cookies.


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  • E-mail: info.whoisbali@gmail.com